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American Cancer Society- Relay for Life
Camp Run A Muck was a GOLD Team Fundraiser in 2015!

rfl logo Camp Run A Muck
Remember summer camp of years ago when your biggest worry was which tree you were going to climb, who was going to catch the biggest pollywog, playing fun games and nothing more than running a muck.  For this event, we want to create a day of escape, a day where we can put aside having to grow up, a day to acknowledge that the real world is not so bad and that life's challenges can be overcome by extending a smile and helping hand to those around you.  This is a day dedicated to memories of those we have lost to cancer and to those who continue to struggle in its grip. We'll be there to smile, laugh and escape with you all the while reminding ourselves we're here raising awareness and support against this nemesis that knows no gender, race, orientation, age or class.  We ALL have a stake in this game - that is reality!

raffle baskets

2016 Raffle Baskets (above)


Hi Campers!

Camp Run A Muck now has 14 members and 4 are cancer great is that? We have raised over $2900 and we have a HUGE raffle happening at Relay this weekend. We are the little team that could! We may be a phantom team this year, but we are doing our part AND we are in 7th place out of 26 teams. Go Campers!

Cancer is not contagious but my fighting spirit is!

Latest info to share:
T-shirt/Bank Night is tonight, June 22, at UNCLE Credit Union at 6:00pm. I will be able to pick up the t-shirts for our team and the Team Captainís packet with relay day info and our wristbands, and I can turn in any dinner and midnight pizza order forms. Anyone going to be around for midnight pizza??? I've posted the order forms for the Cattlemen's dinner and midnight pizza on our homepage (look to the right), let me know if you are interested.

We will have 2 tables with our 12 raffle baskets on them next to the UNCLE team area...if anyone can help man the table between 9am and 4pm we would love the help! I will have your t-shirts and wristbands Saturday morning, or earlier if you want to pick them up from me. Let me know...

Thank you all and see you soon!


2015 Camp Info!

Camp Run A Muck
6/25/2016 - Relay for Life at Livermore High School! Save the date!

6/21/2016 - LLNL NewsLine article pdf

5/19/2016 - LLNL NewsLine article pdf

2016 Relay Etiquette pdf

2016 What to Bring pdf

2016 Cattlemen's Dinner Order Form pdf

2016 Midnight Pizza Order Form pdf

2016 Theme Laps
Time to sign up for the laps of your choice!

Team Acct. Sheet - pdf
Luminaria form - pdf
Business Card Program - pdf

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